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We play our games in silence; in the dark. We cause great catastrophe.

Friday night went by quickly, as Jake, Larry, Tommie, and Sarah arrived at my house around 11pm to kidnap me. We were on our first real adventure together. Our first stop was at the Vous so we could all possibly catch a caffiene buzz and talk to people who we knew. That lasted for a while. Brandon and Derek showed up. That was when the actual adventure began. We were on our way to Rape Lake. The only two people who'd been there before were Sarah and Jake. On the way we stopped at some gas station and made a bad attempt to harrass the older african american woman who worked there. Sarah purchased a can of Beanee Weanee's, which are now the mascot of Poacher Diaries AND Larry's car. We drove for a while, and finally we came accross the road. It was very deserted. We had to park at the yellow gates and walk down to the lake. Arm in arm, we slowly walked. Things didn't start getting bad until we were right near the lake. Things such as people were seen, and many noises were made. Sarah was pushed by something twice, Jake and I kept hearing breaking branches and people talking when we were standing alone. There was a tree that was warm, and it was right by the water. As we were there it kept getting colder and colder. We took a walk over to where the car had been parked when Sarah and Jake were there perviously and we started getting really bad vibes. We walked back to where we were standing and kept seeing things. After that we ventured back over to the spot of the car and noticed a the same tree, but this time there was a hole in it. Sarah and Derek had wandered off to somewhere and most of us stayed behind, until we got no response when we called their names. Larry, Tommie, and Brandon went looking for them while Jake and I stood in the same spot. Jake was telling me all these things that happened the first time and how there were tons of sounds on the way back. While waiting we kept seeing what looked like people swimming in the lake, and coming out of the water. They wouldn't come past the trees though. The rest of the group started to return and we started to head back, but this time everyone was split up. Jake and I were a few of the last to get back... we were walking really slow and being really quiet when we heard tree branches breaking and people whispering. We also head something that sounded like a distorted chimp screaming. We were noticing the people, but nothing too strange. Derek stopped us and told us to look at something. It looked like a body, upside down, and when you would walk past it, it would turn it's head to watch you. Just in front of that, Jake noticed what looked like babies hanging from nooses, kicking with all their might. We decided we should walk a bit faster and get up there with the rest of them, but it didn't happen. Then as we were walking, I noticed a girl... my age or so. Her mouth was open... and she was very thin. I told Jake and he said Sarah saw the same thing. We were getting closer when Larry came back to us to see if we were still coming. We stood in the spot for a couple of minutes concentrating on nothing, listening for sounds. We heard people talking, breaking tree branches, and what seemed to be singing. We were almost to the cars, when Brandon turned on his headlights and something moved very frantically in the trees. We all ran to the cars and got in them... but we didn't know where Tommie and Sarah were. Someone said they had walked in front of us. So we went and got them, and came back to the lake in our cars. It was Jakes great idea to reinact the rape scene, but Sarah completely diagreed and I felt like we shouldn't be there... so we decided to leave. On the way back to who knows where... Sarah told Brandon and Derek that she might tell them to stop, and if she did, they should stop. Low and be hold, she tells them to stop... righ accross the street from this abandoned house. We all walk over there and have to run so cars don't see us. On the way to the back by Sarah and Jake, I saw a little girl in my head... very little... and I could feel a strong presence by the first broken window. Sarah noted something about a closet, connecting two rooms in the basement. As everyone went in, Tommie, Brandon, and I stayed outside. Inside everyone was holding hands and looking around in the dark... it was hard to see anything, they said. They were going to go downstairs, but I don't know why they didn't. Next thing I know, I hear "GO GO!" so Tommie and I start running to the cars and everyone piles out of the house. Sarah wanted to go back in by herself, so she did. She went into the basement, and in the closet. She saw the little girl, she had holes in her face and she looked to be about 6 or 7. She told Sarah she needed to be alone, and some how, she touched her hand. Sarah said her hand was burning... they both screamed, both of which you could hear perfectly. Larry touched Sarah's hand. He got a cut on his thumb. Brandon touched Sarah's hand. He now has what looks to be a cut but didn't bleed. Jake touched Sarah's hand. He could feel the burning but then it went away after he touched her. She didn't say anything until we got back to Derek's mom's house and she would only talk to Jake. They made me promise I wouldn't go in there because I had the connection with the little girl. We waited maybe an hour or two and decided to go back to the house. This time with a flashlight and Jake had my camera. They got some good pictures, and the second time they went in they saw a dead cat, which wasn't there before. We were looking at the pictures and noticed a lot of things, but with the pictures being bigger you can notice A LOT more fucked up shit. See more than you needCollapse )

Then we all went back to Derek's and stayed up for a while. Larry was the first person to crash. Then Brandon, then Derek. Jake and I fell asleep for a little while on the couch, Sarah and Tommie fell asleep on the floor. It was super cuddlecore. Larry was supposed to get up at 7 so he could go to his saturday school at 8... so we got up and woke him up but he said fuck it. So Jake and I stayed in there with Larry and Brandon and cuddled with Larry, but Jake and I wouldn't shut up so Larry went and slept by Derek. Then me and Jake went and attacked Tommie and Sarah. We fell asleep out there until I woke up to Jake abusing me and taking all of the blankets. He woke up because he had the most massive ear ache in the world. Then I went and cuddled with Larry.  We fell asleep and woke up about an hour later, only to hear my mom call and bitch.  Jake and Jill were on the phone, doing who knows what, everyone else was just in the living room talking.  Shortly after, we all left to go home.  Larry, Sarah, Tommie, and I brough Sarah to Grand Rapids and then they dropped me off at home after I almost got Larry lost for the second time.  That was the end of our wonderful adventure.



One thing has crossed my mind that confuses me... the closet, of which the little girl was in, is the only thing that wasn't destroyed one bit in that house... and if you look at most of the pictures VERY closely, you can see things and people, and there is blood in most of them.  The pictures that were taken outside have lots of white in them, it's mostly snow.

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Rock Out With Your Cock Out <3

Popping the Cherry of adventure.

Featuring Jake, Larry, and Meagan. So tonight, Jake, Larry, and I decided to spend a night on the town. With nothing to do we figured we should find some creepy places to go. We ended up doing useless shit until about 2am and finally decided to come back to my house to get some cold-weather gear to go on our Adventure. We started driving and I directed the boys to Borculo where it's all farm land. We ended up going down far too many out back roads. First we drove down 96th, and there was nothing at all too interesting there. We got out to Stanton and took a right on that and drove down to the street where Olive Cemetary was. We just kind of glanced at the gates and decided to drive around the little u-turn. While driving we discovered a form of abnormal being running behind us. It looked like a shadow; a sillhouette. We continued to drive around the little hick town, getting into whatever we could find. We ended up going down any dirt road we could find. One road imparticular was incredibly creepy. I believe it was Buchanan out in Robinson Twp. It seemed to go on forever and when we got off of it we found more strange roads. Talltrees Drive gave off the worst energy vibe in the world but it was so incredible. Filled with nothing at all... just rocks and too many fucked up shadows. On the return to my house we kept feeling things such as cold spots and indescribeable things touching us. We were all huddled together in the front seat and not one of us dared to look back. It was kind of like that shadow deal that ended up being somewhat attatched to the back of the car. We also saw far too many disappearing headlights and what not. Crazy shit. Before hand, on our way back to Grand Haven, we got lost. We ended up driving down Apple Road, which the boys thought was Apple Street, I believe. The road was incredibly long and fucked up. Out of no where and far off from civilization in the dark, we see this boy on a bike. I swear to god I thought we were going to hit him. We also found a replica of the Mystery Machine, which is awesome as hell. We got pictures. We also went down to the docks, alas it was too cold so, being the pussies we are, returned to loitering the streets. Walgreens around midnight is so wonderful. I love the drunken christian men, and I love sitting on the floor and looking at magazines with jake.

Knock yourself out. <3

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